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Spinal Percussive Treatment with Hypervolt

Hypervolt is a hand-held percussive massage device that helps to relieve muscular aches and stiffness while promoting circulation and improving range of motion. Used to treat a wide range of orthopedic injuries in the shoulder, elbow, forearm, hip, knee, and ankle, Hypervolt can also provide individuals with disc injuries, as well as stenosis, neck or lower back pain with relief from discomfort and chronic pain.

Hypervolt offers a unique type of vibration therapy that integrates pulse frequency with amplitude to allow more in-depth and extended muscle treatments to increase blood flow, break up scar tissue, release knots and relieve muscle spasms. Spinal percussive treatments with Hypervolt help to improve performance as they accelerate muscle recovery, increase one's range of motion, heal old injuries and re-educate the neuromusculature to override pain. While useful on its own, this technology can also be employed in conjunction with other forms of therapy to maximize the benefits of treatment.

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