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KT Tape®

KT Taping, provides comfortable, lightweight, and external support to facilitate participation in daily and recreational activities while recovering from a wide range of injuries. Fabricated from specialized fabrics that incorporate unidirectional elastic cores, KT Tape® is designed to reduce discomfort and support stable movement without restricting one’s range of motion.

When applied for specific injuries, KT Tape not only provides support to the underlying muscles, tendons, and ligaments, it also helps to reduce some of the pressure caused by the accumulation of lymphatic fluids in the area. As KT Taping lifts the skin, it decompresses the layers of fascia at the site of the injury. In doing this, the KT tape allows the lymphatic fluid to flow more freely so that cells that promote recovery can get to the damaged tissues while harmful cellular waste products, debris, and bacteria can be moved away.

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