Doctor Kelly Murie is a chiropractor at MaxHealth Center. If you are struggling with neck or back pain, headaches or migraines, carpal tunnel, sciatica, or any other health condition please contact us today.


Dr. Lucas Odahlen is an amazing chiropractor and fantastic adjustor. He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2006, and has been an integral part of the MaxHealth team since 2015. Dr. Lucas is skilled in many styles of chiropractic adjusting and will find the best technique that works for you to reach your health goals

He has also completed numerous post-graduate training hours in pediatric neurology and adjusting. Chiropractic can be a game-changer when it comes to optimal development and brain function for children. In his free time Dr. Lucas loves to attend chiropractic seminars, or just curl up by the fireplace and read a great chiropractic book. Dr. Lucas is fully licensed and insured Nevada chiropractic physician.


Dr. Jeffrey Prince is a chiropractor and Active Release Techniques provider here in the Las Vegas valley. He moved here with his family from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at the beginning of 2018 to work with a good friend at SmartHealth. Dr. Prince also works as the chiropractor for the Vegas Golden Knights.

Dr. Prince has 15 years experience working with a broad spectrum of athletes, from weekend warriors to professional athletes of various sports. He has participated in many sports himself including basketball, tennis, competitive waterskiing, and running to name a few. He has run four 10k races and completed the St. George marathon twice.

Dr. Prince is looking forward to helping his clients meet their goals of competing to whatever level that want to achieve whether it’s completing their first 5k race or helping teams bring home the ultimate trophy!


Dr. Jamie Warner did his undergrad at San Diego State University. He graduated from the prestigious Palmer College of chiropractic in Davenport Iowa in 2003. He has been practicing in Las Vegas since 2006 primarily doing personal injury work for 14 years, and now has been with MaxHealth since April, 2021.

He experienced the benefits of chiropractic as a teenage baseball player as one of his coaches was a chiropractor, and he seemed to really enjoy what he did. He was torn between law-enforcement or healthcare, both professions having the benefit of being able to help people. He is happily married with two beautiful children. He says it’s a privilege to be a part of the MaxHealth team, and he looks forward to providing excellent healthcare to the Las Vegas community!


Dr. Angelika Knopp was born and raised in the Las Vegas valley. She achieved her undergraduate degree here at UNLV where she discovered her passion for chiropractic.


Dr. Emily recently joined the MaxHealth team in 2021. She grew up in Argyle, Minnesota where she developed a passion for sports which led her to chiropractic. She loves treating a variety of patients to help them get back to doing what they love most. When she is not at the clinic, you can find her hiking, weight lifting, running, traveling, or baking.

She graduated from Palmer Florida in 2016 and went on to live and work in Singapore in a prenatal and pediatric chiropractic practice. She returned in 2020 where she enjoys working at MaxHealth, connecting and helping the people of this amazing city.


Dr. John Vigil, or “The Stretch Doc” as he’s known to his patients, graduated from Texas Chiropractic College in 1999 and worked in Houston, Texas for 11 years before relocating to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2010.

While working with patients, he discovered a true passion in the athletic community for sports and care related to sports injuries and preventative practice, as well as, working with the many day to day employees, students, kids, and retirees.

Dr. John assesses each patient using specific palpation techniques looking for various disruptions in the fascia tissue that can involve trigger points, compensations/over-compensations, myofascial disorders, neurological disruptions, decreased range of motion, and structural function (joint motion).

Dr. John executes a comprehensive plan to restore balance, function, and relief to the effected area utilizing Gravitational Pattern Alignment (GPA) Chiropractic Technique, Fascia Stretch Therapy, Myofascial Release Techniques, and Percussion Therapy.

Dr. John is a Chiropractic Physician of 23 years and is trained in Fascia Stretch Therapy for medical and fitness individuals for the last 13 years and is involved in many community aspects such as Breast Cancer walks, Climb the Stratosphere Stairs for American Lung Association, and providing educational talks about Chiropractic Care, endurance injury prevention for Triathlons and Ultra-Running.